I was charged with Child Abuse. I am not an Abuser.

I was recently arrested, taken to jail, and charged with child abuse for spanking my kid… which isn’t actually illegal in my state…or any states actually. It’s legal to do what I did. If you think, Bonnie, that’s bad you should never hit anyone, I totally agree. I shouldn’t have, and never will again. I was triggered by what I have survived. I am not and never have been a child abuser or an abuser or a liar. I have always behaved in kindly and honest ways, my whole life.

But the counselor and the police officer decided together based on the (true) description my son provided. They ignored the lack of any evidence that the marks on his body were from being an 8 year old boy who has legs. I never intended to leave any marks, and that’s exactly what the law allowed for. My Intention.

Lucifer says that intention is what matters. But that really lets people assume they know other people’s intentions when they truly don’t. And they can show up at your house, three cars deep, open your gate, ignore your dog and take you from your home in your robe, call you a felon, and give you an experience you’ll never forget.

I didn’t continue applying for those teaching jobs I’d gotten picked for.

I suppose I could now. Since…

My case has been dropped because I complied with all orders, completed an extremely painful 6 months of systematic time and money robbery (parenting classes, courts, lawyers, dates I hated, my mother stalking me in the court room.)

You should know that I don’t condone or support spanking. I don’t think it’s what I should have done and I don’t recommend it to others, but it was how I was raised and I felt like I had no other option and my child was being extremely and increasingly disrespectful. I was a single mom at the time and didn’t have any support from family or friends. I was triggered by my son treating me like his dad did. Acting like I’d done something wrong to avoid taking responsibility for himself. It’s a disease men have that I can’t stand for any longer.

Stop judging people. Stop applying the law in unfair ways. Stop leveraging the system against parents who are doing their best. Stop judging. Humans are terrible judges.

Be a healer. Be a seer. Be a lover. Be a friend. 🪬✨

Have you ever broken the law and didn’t get caught, if so how?

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