Relationship Coaching for Moms

Are you exhausted? Tired of fighting and feeling alone? Feeling like something has got to change?

I get it. I’ve been there.

I spent nine years fighting with my husband. Tears until 4 am feeling so angry, resentful, and utterly alone. We tried everything to stop fighting but things just kept getting worse and worse. Counseling, non-violent communication, more counseling, books, internet advice, friend advice, parent advice, more counseling, more internet advice. Nothing made it work. I was so defeated, I thought I was out of options.

Until I figured it out. I cracked the code.

After years of research, training, coaching, experimentation, and loads of practice– I finally understood what men were about, why we were stuck in a constant power struggle, and best of all, I figured out how to get his attention. Now he brings me all the best gifts, touches my leg softly to let me know he cares, cooks me fabulous meals of whatever I want, and tells me how beautiful I am. I don’t mean to brag, I really want you to have the same thing. I want you to have whatever it is you want out of your relationship. That is one of the questions I’ll ask you.

I knew things had really changed when my son drew a picture of us on his Valentine’s Day treat bag with a big heart around the two figures and said that’s what love looks like.

I focus on concrete results and real-life strategies to change relationship habits quickly and effectively compared to therapy approaches. I know that my methods work because I use them in my own relationship. My experience comes from hitting rock bottom in my relationship and coming out of it together to build the relationship I always wanted but never knew how to get. I’ve got a unique perspective that only comes from trying everything and finding what works out of the rubble.

I bring my understanding of how women can have to have a successful relationship with men, without the need for power struggles, arguments, or patriarchy in the bedroom. I teach how to connect the dots and make the right changes at the right time to get you to where you want to be– relaxed, in love, and taken care of.

My strategies integrate influences from multiple sources and encourage experimentation, safety, trust, boundaries, respect, playfulness, and intimacy.

I coach through phone calls for couples or individual women. I provide support to my ongoing clients via text message and through the Happily Ever Ladies community.

I paid thousands and thousands of dollars to no less than 4 different marriage counselors and when my marriage was still collapsing I felt like there was no other choice than divorce. So I filed. Thank goodness it didn’t work out.

You don’t have to have the same dilemma.

Reach out to me and start your journey of healing and self-discovery. Build good habits and reframe your mindset with me so that you can finally stop fighting, take care of yourself, and find yourself in love again.

My biggest qualification is my successful relationship.
Read about it here.

Here’s what people are saying:

“My coaching sessions with Bonnie exceeded my expectations. She was very skilled in actively -listening to the concerns I brought to the conversation; any guidance or suggestions she gave circled back to my core concern. She could accurately summarize the feelings and thoughts that I expressed, which let me know she was listening and committed to helping me better understand my relationship needs. Previously, any relationship counseling I sought out was through a traditional MFT and never did I emerge from those sessions feeling like I had new, effective communication tools to use. Through my conversations with Bonnie, I was guided to express my desires, goals, and boundaries by using language that was assertive but wouldn’t shut my partner down. I learned how to prioritize self-care and receive care from my partner that, in past times, might have rejected. I had such a positive experience, the coaching really has helped me grow and communicate more effectively and lovingly. Thank you, Bonnie!” – J

“Bonnie is such an amazing charismatic coach. She creates so much emotional safety with her powerful deep listening. I felt truly heard and inspired as she helped me to lay down a new pathway of being in my marriage. Her empathy is so magnetic & I felt so supported to bring all of me to each session to uncover & create new ways of inviting the best love ever in my marriage. What a relief to be deeply understood & acknowledged for all of who I am & continue to be. Bonnie is so passionate, vibrant & knowledgeable about helping women create the marriage of their dreams. Claim your spot now you will forever be grateful & inspired as Bonnie works her magic she is such a natural Coach.” – T

“Bonnie is a wonderfully talented and compassionate coach. I’ve had the honor of being coached by her numerous times, and her calming, easy tone and demeanor never fail to make me feel safe and hopeful. She has a keen ability to see straight to the pain point even when I can’t see it, and never fails to brings forward the right intimacy skill and tools that would work for me. She skillfully shares personal stories that clearly show how the skills worked for her, inspiring me to challenge and stretch myself further into skills where I would have otherwise been uncomfortable, all the while making me feel safe and hopeful in my vision. I am looking forward to continue to be coached by her.” – L

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