The Flourishing Ladies

We bring together ladies who are invested in self-betterment so that we can practice tapping into our femininity, exploring our devotion to ourselves, and build habits that feed our souls so that we can flourish in our relationships, become spiritually aligned and integrated, and live an incredible life.  

This is a private community for anyone who considers themselves a lady.
There are no ads, no data tracking, no Zuck. It’s free.
You may join by invitation or invitation request only.

We prioritize ourselves by setting boundaries and practicing self-care (even moms with young kids, yes, I’m serious.)

We seek to make our relationships to shine because they define who we are.

We value femininity and traditionally feminine practices that have been discarded by modern rat race as “women’s work.” Women’s work is the most important work!

We approach the world with trust and accept others as they are, even and especially our partners, our children, our parents, and each other.

We bring our real selves. No fake names or handles– just you and whatever you want to bring to our perpetual dinner party.

Sit down in the most attractive chair and we’ll bring you a cocktail of lovely things. You don’t need to dress up, but we’ll be so excited if you do! Please post a video. It’s going to be so cute.

We are connected. There are more ways for you to meet exceptional ladies who are near you or having similar experiences. Of course, there will be other Flourishing Ladies that you just adore for too many reasons to list! You can chat with them at any time!

It’s Ours. As we build this community together, we can create safe spaces where we can share our most vulnerable selves. We can relax and enjoy ourselves and our progress. We can be the flourishing women that we were meant to be.

We are ladies. There is something magical and freeing about existing in women-only spaces. I couldn’t imagine creating anything else. If you identify as a woman or a lady, then welcome!

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