Bonnie Stewart

Relationship Coach, Minister, Creator

Teaching relationship skills that will make your life easier and bring the good kinds of connection forward

I specialize in identifying what is working and what isn’t working for you. Through our friendly and loving sessions, I will tell you exactly what I think the issue is and give you options on how to best navigate your situation is. Together we will strategize on your next best steps and get you on the road to peace and harmony.

Men and women are going through a massive power shift and it’s playing out between us, at our kitchen tables, in our bedrooms, and unfortunately, in the courtroom.

I see you. You give everything to everyone else and there is little time for you. Trying to navigate conflicts and never knowing if you said the right thing is stressful, energy-draining, and time-consuming. Having a tried and true method to sort out the strings of communication and the margins of your responsibility is something that after learning, you will always have at your disposal to tackle any challenging communication situation.

I get it. I’ve been there. And I know how to get out.

If you want to be a happy person, you have to have harmonious relationships first.

Throughout your journey with me, together we will investigate how to reorient, reframe, and give you options on how to show up differently in a way that will get you what you want. We will set realistic, concrete objectives and you will meet those objectives with ease. You will learn what it takes to show up kindly, peacefully, and still get what you want without forcing the situation or triggering volatile conflict. Sometimes this may mean leaving some of your relationships, while my overarching goal is to restore relationships, some clients may be served best by leaving the relationship in order to meet their personal goals. I will support my clients in whatever they believe is their own best path forward.

I offer packages of nine sessions because this is often the number of sessions the folks need to make significant changes in improving the quality of their lives. In these sessions, we will tackle topics like ending codependency, behaving respectfully in every situation, valuing yourself and your time, and developing your relationship with yourself and your own dignity. We will also visualize the changes you want to make and take the concrete steps to make that happen. If you want stability, we will make it happen for you. If you want intimacy, we can do that too. I have an action-oriented practice that is rooted in behavioral change first.

Unlike therapy, I do not diagnose or treat mental illness. I do however provide tools that allow for a healthy mental space that minimizes the experience of depression and anxiety. With proper care and spiritual connection, many everyday issues will no longer be stressful or triggering.

Also unlike therapy, my sessions have an end. Throughout your journey, you will have a new set of tools and will not need my continual guidance after you learn them, but I am always available to you for follow-up support, though it is unlikely you will need it.

Start feeling full of snuggles, connection, love that you once knew. Bring back the care, tenderness, joy, laughter, and spontaneity that truly feeds your soul.

So where would you like to start?

The Happily Ever Ladies

A community for friends and support

I bring together ladies who are invested in self-betterment so that we can explore and expand our devotion to ourselves, practice taping into our femininity how we define it, and build habits that feed our souls so that we can flourish in our relationships, become spiritually aligned and integrated, and live an incredible life.


What People Say

Through my conversations with Bonnie, I was guided to express my desires, goals, and boundaries by using language that was assertive but wouldn’t shut my partner down.

Client Testimonial

I had such a positive experience, the coaching really has helped me grow and communicate more effectively and lovingly.

Client Testimonial


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