Bonnie Stewart

Relationship healer, spiritual pathfinder, ancestral herb integrator

Moving motivated mamas from floundering stress mess to Flourishing Ladies

I specialize in working with moms (especially ones with littles!) who feel out of touch with their partners, disconnected, overworked, exhausted, and out of touch with themselves because yah, I’ve been there. And it’s not pretty.

I see you. You give everything to your kids, your friends, your work and there’s nothing left for you. You don’t know how to ask for help in a way that actually works and you don’t know how to prioritize yourself.

Your kids come first, above everyone including yourself and your husband, who has now morphed into a very strange version of the man you thought you married. You are disappointed that your husband doesn’t do more to help and give you a break. You feel like you should be able to do it yourself, and not need to ask for help, but you can’t do it all. And everything is hard.

I get it. I’ve done it. I’ve been there.

But what about long baths, having an afternoon to yourself, and getting showered with gifts from your husband? Seem like a far away dream? It’s really not. You just need to the tools.

You are ready for the big change in your relationship– a change that will shift the way the way you think, the way you feel, and bring back EASE to your daily life. You want peace, yearning for fun and engagement.

Start feeling full of snuggles, connection, love that you once knew. Bring back the care, tenderness, joy, laughter and spontaneity that truly feeds your soul.

So where would you like to start?

The Flourishing Ladies

A community for friends and support

I bring together ladies who are invested in self-betterment so that we can explore and expand our devotion to ourselves, practice taping into our femininity how we define it, and build habits that feed our souls so that we can flourish in our relationships, become spiritually aligned and integrated, and live an incredible life.


Coaching Sessions

I offer individual or couples coaching sessions to increase intimacy, positive interactions, and eliminate arguing. Couples will find how to relate to each other and start enjoying each other again.

The Flourishing Ladies

Ever dream of having a group of lady friends who love you where you are and support you in every thing you do? Join the Flourishing Ladies community to feel supported, get ideas, and stay connected.

Wedding Officiant

I’ve been peforming weddings for five years in the Nevada County Area. This year, I don’t plan on doing any due to COVID-19, but please contact me for future weddings if you are interested.

This easy breezy class for under $10 will give you everything you need to reset things in the bedroom so that you start getting everything you want.

Join me for the

Let’s Talk About Sex, Ladies!



What People Say

Through my conversations with Bonnie, I was guided to express my desires, goals, and boundaries by using language that was assertive but wouldn’t shut my partner down.

Client Testimonial

I learned how to prioritize self-care and receive care from my partner that, in past times, might have rejected. I had such a positive experience, the coaching really has helped me grow and communicate more effectively and lovingly.

Client Testimonial


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Are you a coach or wellness professional?

If you are a woman interested in self-betterment and you work in a wellness industry, I am looking for your help. I want to build a network that supports women in all aspects of their lives. Introduce yourself to me and we will connect.