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of All Things

Artist, Writer, Oracle, Humanitarian, Minister


Your Empress

Since the dawn of time or just before it, humanity has deserved fair rulership. We have suffered under the rules of unfair systems imposed on us by those who have more for long enough.

As we transition from the Modern Era to the New Age, leadership must be from the ground up and our leaders must be legitimate servants of the people.

Your Empress is here to serve you in your very own Dream Realization to turn the world Right Side Up. Her working knowledge of interdimensional relationships, direction and moral guidance, including advice on how to get to know the Higher Self, will leave you with clarity and direction.

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Associated with the Universal Life Church, Your Empress has been marrying couples for 12 years under her given name.


Blessed with a third eye opening after many years of struggle, Your Empress is now available for oracle, tarot, and goddess card readings for personal insights.


Stand-up comedy, music – vocals and composition, and multimedia design and development. You can catch her performing at open mics in Nevada County, California.


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