Ministry Services

I was ordained as a Universal Life Church Minister in 2013. As my faith has evolved and changed over the years, I am now building a new ministry called Her Holy Spirit which will seek to uplift from all backgrounds mothers, encourage community building, fellowship, and to provide support for folks in vulnerable situations.

Her Holy Spirit is an inclusive community of seekers who are interested in doing Good works and have a vested interest in having a relationship with the feminine aspects of the divine. Because many of us come from Christian traditions but many of us have traumatic experiences around exclusion, judgment, and shame that have dominated much of Christianity in our lifetimes. Uniting together in an intellectual space, we can unpack our previous religious experiences and choose to go forward differently. Her Holy Spirit is here to support you in whatever your spiritual goals are. We welcome members of all faiths and walks of life.


I perform ceremonies for any kind of couple who loves each other, no matter their gender, religion, race, ethnic identity, or incarceration status.

I craft custom ceremonies based on your story as a couple and your personal values and goals. I believe this is one of the most important days of your life and it should reflect who you are and be exactly how you want it, which is why I draft ceremonies and get your input and approval before the big day. That way you know what to expect and I know you will like it.

To officiate your ceremony, we will have an initial meeting (ideally, at least a month before your ceremony), rehearsal (optional but encouraged), and ceremony. The initial meeting will allow us to ensure we are a good fit. This is at no cost to you. It is important this is a meeting between both parties in the couple and myself.

I will then share your ceremony with you using Google Drive to get your feedback during the writing process. A personal check or cash (preferred) is due at our initial meeting, by mail, or at the rehearsal. I also take PayPal and Venmo.

I arrive one hour ahead of the scheduled ceremony time to prepare and connect with all the necessary people. You will obtain a marriage license from the County Office of Vital Records, bring the license to the ceremony and I, along with two witnesses of your choosing, will be signing your marriage license on the day of your wedding and I will mail it in. A marriage certificate is available for sentimental purposes is included.

I’m available for photos immediately after the ceremony.

Jailhouse Weddings

As you may already know, the process of getting married while one of you is incarcerated can be challenging. I have experience navigating this process and can help guide you if this is something you wish to do.

The first step is to visit the county clerk’s office who will issue the marriage license. The process will then depend on various factors but will likely include several trips back and forth and require the inmate to ask permission in writing from their supervisor for the ceremony to take place. I’m happy to work with you and help you with the process. Please feel free to text or call me at 530 304 6524.

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