The Children Did Well Today; I am Grateful

Today was trying for me. The test of the mettle I’m made of kind of days. What will I do when I can’t find the key to the car to go pick up my kids. Will I turn on my loved ones and find someone else to blame? It’s clearly my own idiocy to blame. And despite all this, the storm cloud and the potholes of navigating this as a mom, utterly failing at Adulting today, I was given much grace, which is all I pray for. 

I was given a supportive and loving husband. It has not always been this way.

I was given a lovely furry dog friend who did an excellent job as a shepherdess today. She was a very good girl. 

I was given a son who brought home a library book and spelling list and completed his first second grade homework assignment with fly colors. 

I was given a daughter who decided to go along with the class and have a good attitude instead of fighting back and making life difficult.

I was given a sunset, with a perfect bright star and a beautiful tree-lined meadow, and a billion different colors in the gradient. A gift given often, but never taken for granted. Smokey skies notwithstanding. 

I was given the listening ear of a concerned principal when I had a lot to talk about.

I was given safety once again in the midst of the pandemic.

I was given shelter in this cute little house that I work on loving every day. 

I was given healthy children, I will be thankful every day they are with me. 

I was given a comfortable place to rest my weary head. 

I was given medicine, clothing, and food by all the workers of the world, including myself. 

The weather was nice and the flowers were blooming and buzzing with bees making me feel some type of way. 

The children did amazing today; I am grateful. 

Published by Bonnie Stewart

Mama, wifey, relationship coach, writer, community builder, OG Flourishing Lady

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