Morphia Tells Me

Close your eyes, and see nothing but blackness

Now see the blackness ripple little purple ripples coming out from the center 

Like they are being vibrated by pulsating music

Walk through the blackness at your feet 

Find that the pool you are in is as deep as you’d like 

It feels like whatever you’d like it to feel like 

Feel free to change the feelings and the depth whenever and however you like 

In the Creatrix, you make your own dreams 


This is where Morphia, the Butterfly Goddess of Modern Times lives 

She IS the Creatrix, but then so are you, of course

This is where the dreamers dream the dreams 

You can make anything out of this totipotent soup 

You just have to hold the image and stop talking yourself out of what you deserve

Do you ever do that?

Talk yourself out of something you’d really like and would feel really good?

Morphia says to stop doing that and to relish in whatever pleasure comes your way

Warm your cold hands warming in warm water

Know that everything you need for happiness can be formed from this soup

This electrolytic broth of pure potential can become the dream landscape of your desires

Or you can sleep here when the world gets too loud 

At the dawn of creation, the Divine Feminine, just split from One Source, 

(to form the first dialogue)

She spent 700 years lying still, floating in the waters of creation, seeding it with her love 

You may rest like her for as long as you’d like

Because you, my friend, are a butterfly too in some stage of your life.

Perhaps you are a caterpillar — eating your feelings, learning to walk, looking cute. 

Or perhaps you are here for the Crystal Chrysalis — a safe place to dissolve into goop while you rearrange all of your parts into the glorious wings of a butterfly

Or perhaps you are emerging, one wing at a time. 

Morphia is here for you — telling you it is safe to dissolve, you are worthy of emergence, and you forgive yourself for not knowing better in the past. Love each moment of what has made you who you are. 

Find yourself swimming, immersed in the satisfaction of becoming who you were born to be all along. 

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