What to do when your husband explodes

A few of you have recently had experiences where your husband gets strangely aggressive quite suddenly and it’s scary and strange. I wanted to share that this seems to be a shared experience that’s happening at least partially on a collective level. I’m not sure exactly what the implications of that are, but I wantContinue reading “What to do when your husband explodes”

My Grandmother who Always Chose Control

This morning my mom came over and spoke of how lovely she was feeling with her new life here in California, free from all of “those people” she said with aversion. It reminded me of this piece I wrote over the summer that I’d figure I’d share. I asked her to sit down with meContinue reading “My Grandmother who Always Chose Control”

Late Summer is Hard

This is hard time of year for me every year. It’s hot. We don’t have central AC and we only run window units at night when electricity is cheaper for us. The fires are terrifying. The ash in the air makes me worried. All of our precious belongings are packed in the car and I’mContinue reading “Late Summer is Hard”

Getting Comfortable in a New Way – Part 1

Some of you might know that I’m like what I like to call a wannabe homesteader which also means I’m a lowkey prepper. If you aren’t familiar with homesteading, it’s basically working toward self-sufficiency in many areas of your life. It can be done to any degree in a country or an urban setting. WhileContinue reading “Getting Comfortable in a New Way – Part 1”

Respect and the Stories We Tell

Laura, my relationship mentor, asked me what I thought made the biggest difference when I was transforming my marriage. I told her my biggest change was all the things I stopped doing. I still feel like that’s the case. Looking at the Six Intimacy Skills – two of them are centered around what you canContinue reading “Respect and the Stories We Tell”

What the heck is Self-Care anyway?

Self-care is a hot buzz word around these days. There’s no shortage of articles, videos, and inspirational memes that can tell you about what it is, how to do it, and why it’s so important. I remember it started being a popular topic around social media around 2014 when I had my first baby. IContinue reading “What the heck is Self-Care anyway?”

Receiving: A Holiday and Year Round Endeavor

Well, here I am. I had set my goal at making one blog post a month and I really made my way through December before I got here. It’s been a little crazy around here, not just holiday-wise but that too. My husband is a carpenter and he spent most of the month trying toContinue reading “Receiving: A Holiday and Year Round Endeavor”